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Age is just a number. You CAN have it all.

Kym Vincenti says you CAN have it all – comfort AND the joy of wearing beautiful things. 

“I love underwear and that has nothing to do with men – I’ve been single a long time now so I’m the only person who sees me in my underwear … well, apart from the people of Instagram. Anyway, Coco Boo is a lingerie shop practically on my doorstep and I was super excited when it opened. On my first visit, I found out my actual bra size, and to my surprise it was not what I thought I was, nor what I’d been measured at elsewhere. I have a couple of beautiful sets from there and not only are they beautiful, but they are comfortable, which is my point.  

“Turning 58 this year, I had decided on a photo shoot to celebrate that. I DO NOT believe that age should prevent you from doing these things and I believe that every woman should have a photo that makes her look and feel wonderful, no matter her age. 

“My body is not perfect – It has scars, lines, stretch marks, loose skin and signs of age all over it and I really don’t give a damn. All of these show my survival in this world – they are a map of my life and how I’ve lived it and I’m blessed to have come this far, when so many don’t get the choice. So yeah, I do not have a perfect body, but what I do have is confidence in it. I know how it moves and I know my best angles. I know how to use my body, which I should do after 58 years of being in it, so I have absolutely no problem in posing for the camera.

What better way to show off that confidence in lingerie, I thought.”

We were delighted to fit Kym with some beautiful lingerie for her special birthday shoot…

“This is my in your face 2 finger salute to the bullies from the past. I’m not showing you my legs here, I’m showing you my survival, my healing, my growth and my confidence.

“For my 58th birthday this year, I decided to book a special photoshoot. I was after THE shot … a shot so good that if I never had another photo taken in my life, it wouldn’t matter. I wanted the ultimate shot of me – my magnum opus. 

“As luck would have it, I found THE photographer for that shot, namely @vsanchorstudio whose work is incredible AND, I got to combine my shoot with THE lingerie in a modelling shoot for @coconutsandbooty. The shapewear I’m wearing here is second to none in looks, feel and quality and the chemise set I’m wearing manages to portray a virtuous come hither, which is no mean feat for a contradiction in terms. Shame I have no-one to wear it for!

“This shot represents so much more than what you see on the outside, and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with triumph over adversity.

“This shot is not about vanity. I’m showing you who I became.”

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