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Best bra style for your breast shape

At least 80% of women are in the wrong bra – size and shape.

All 34D’s are not created equal because different designers and manufacturers will have a certain degree of tolerance on sizing, and therefore you may be a 34D in one brand you may not be a 34D in another. 

Our advice is to always try the bra on before you buy and where possible, visit your nearest independent lingerie retailer for a fitting. You can’t beat expert knowledge of the brands they sell and fitting for your shape.

Your breast size and shape can fluctuate for various reasons (i.e. weight change and hormonal change such as pregnancy and menopause) so it is recommended to have a professional fitting at least once a year – especially after pregnancy and any weight gain or loss. This will ensure you are getting the best support and ultimate comfort.

You need to feel comfortable in your bra and not want to whip it off at the end of the day!

The right bra can also boost confidence and offer a ‘feel good’ factor. A good bra can define your waist, make you stand taller, improve confidence and your clothes will fit better.

Here we sharing the common shapes and our bra recommendations for them…

For Asymetric (one breast larger than the other) we recommend a push up or progressive contour – giving you support and lift (using the adjustable straps to help even out). You may also like a full cup or t-shirt bras too.  Always consider the option of using fillets in the cup of the smaller breast to help with lift in the cup.

Bra Options: Lace Perfection push up, Elise Full Cup or the Avero Contour

For sporty / athletic shapes (wider set and less breast tissue), the best bra types are a wireless bralette with a wide band for good support or a push up for contour.

Bra Options: Embrace Lace BraletteEmbrace Lace Plunge push up and Caresse 3D spacer plunge

For a Bell shape (slimmer on top – fuller underneath) T-shirt bras or seamless stretch fabric cups will offer good support and allow your breasts to sit fully in the cup giving you clean lines under clothes. Balconettes or half cups may be an option giving you a fuller look on top, but depending on size of breasts a Balconette may cause spillage over the top. Alternatively a full 3 part full cup if larger than D cup to ensure that all important support.

Bra Options: Aphrodite Seamless PlungeMatilda Full Cup and Delice Half Cup.

For a Round breast shape (equal in fullness at top and bottom), most bra styles will suit this shape. Depending on the style or shape you are looking to create you can opt for the suitable style: E.g. Plunge, Balconette or half cups can offer a natural cleavage  and t-shirt bras and seamless stretch cups are perfect for invisibility under clothes.

Bra Options: Cassiopee Seamless full cupLace Affair Contour and Serie Full Cup.

Head over to our blog post, 10 reasons to have a bra fitting, to find our more about how wearing the right bra for your breast shape and size WILL make you feel fabulous. We’d love to welcome you to our Leigh-on-Sea shop, book a fitting via our website or if you would prefer a virtual appointment please contact us to arrange. 

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