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Bridal lingerie tips for your big day

Bridal underwear quite often is the last thing on a Bride’s ‘To Do’ list when there are so many other things to be planning and a lot more important decisions to make in order to bring that perfect day together.

This is totally understandable and as a Lingerie Retailer I would love to say that your lingerie is just as important as your dress, which to be honest the most important thing is definitely the dress!!

However, for you to look and feel your best in your dress on the big day, it is worth considering what you intend to wear underneath.   Wearing that perfect lingerie set will ensure your dress sits perfectly on you and will ensure you are comfortable throughout the day and evening. Not to mention you want to feel amazing in it.

I would advise choosing your dress first and always seek the advice from the bridal shop or designer regarding the support in the dress and what they would recommend wearing underneath. A lot of dresses today have internal support in the top half and may not require you to wear a bra or corset, in which case you may just need to consider what to wear on the bottom and choose a full lingerie set for the evening instead.

A good tip is to take some options of bras along with you to the fittings so when you choose your dress you will already have an idea as to what lingerie you will need to purchase.

The important things to consider will be the cut and fabric of the dress, if it clings to the body and where.  You want to avoid visible panty lines and bra straps.  Colour is also important to avoid your underwear potentially showing through the dress if the material is very light and delicate. 

There are many shades of White and Ivory if you are going for traditional so try to match to a tone that won’t show underneath the dress or if possible, go for a skin/nude tone if white or ivory will show through. 

If your dress doesn’t give you the support you need and you have found a perfect fitting bra that gives you the shape you desire then it is always worth asking if the fitter can sew the bra into the dress.  I have had a few brides that I have fitted in to bras that were ideal for what they needed and they have had it incorporated into the dress.  This is a great way to avoid the problems of tricky necklines where you are struggling to find the right shape bra. 

I would always recommend a professional bra fitting to ensure you get the right cup and band size and ultimately the support that you need for under your dress.  If your weight changes between choosing your dress and your final fitting then always get remeasured before buying your bra, corset or basque.

Another option to consider is shapewear such as a slip dress or control pants which can help to create that fine streamlined silhouette…

There are so many gorgeous bridal lingerie fabrics and styles on the market so most importantly is have fun trying on and choosing.  You may want to wear something completely different to what you would wear every day, for example, fine lace or silks and satins.  Your wedding day and night is a great opportunity to really treat yourself to something that you wouldn’t normally wear but that makes you feel amazing.

Don’t feel that everything has to be white or Ivory, for your wedding night you may want to go for a bit of colour, if you have a favourite colour you know you look fab in then why not treat yourself to a quality lingerie set, or some beautiful loungewear such as a Silk Camisole and French Knickers or a Chemise with a matching robe.

Once you get those practical lingerie solutions out of the way for the dress then just have fun and enjoy feeling fabulous! Book a personal shopping experience with us to find the perfect lingerie for your big day, as well as your bridesmaids, your bridal party and your honeymoon!

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