You are currently viewing Did you know that silk has great benefits for our skin and our hair?

Did you know that silk has great benefits for our skin and our hair?

More of us are opting for silk face masks, silk eye masks and silk pillowcases to help keep our hair hydrated and to also reduce the appearance of fine lines on our skin. But how?!

Silk isn’t the answer for all of our beauty woes, so don’t ditch the night cream just yet. Dermatologists and beauty experts have confirmed that opting for silk as a fabric choice for our pillowcases and eye masks can prevent fine wrinkles and improve hair quality.

Studies show that friction from tossing and turning in bed and sleeping on our face causes creases in the skin and damage to our hair and the silky smooth surface of silk can reduce the effects in the long run.

And as for silk pillowcases, say goodbye to frizzy hair, tangles, or bedhead, where cotton can snag hair and mess it up into a nest of tangles overnight, silk simply allows hair to glide over without any friction! Amazing for preserving curly, textured or fine hair, as well as those blow drys for sure!

Silk keeps hair and skin hydrated because it’s less able to absorb the moisture that our hair and skin hold and crave, especially during the cold winter months when our hair and skin have a tendency to become dry. Our skin especially can prematurely age when it’s lacking in moisture and hydration – so why not pamper yourself with a beautiful set of silk eye masks and pillowcases.

Now, we’re not promising magical results here – but you deserve to be indulged this Christmas and beautiful silk is a pampering treat. Add it to your Christmas wishlist at Coco-Boo!

We stock a beautiful array of silk items – eye masks and matching pillow cases – which make the perfect gifts for yourself and loved ones this Christmas and year round. We invite you to browse online and at our Leigh-on-Sea boudoir to see them for yourself.

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