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Less is more

Taking time for ourselves and prioritising our wellbeing is just as important now as it was at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. The easing of lockdown brings many opportunities, seeing loved ones again more freely, enjoying travel, retail and leisure hobbies again.

But for many of us the prospect of coming out of lockdown might feel a little daunting, whether we’re nervous about the virus, feeling anxious in social situations or the thought of having to readjust and adapt once again sends us into despair.

We’re taking a ‘less is more’ approach as we embark on another new ‘norm’…

1) Sustainable living

In lockdown we all reduced our carbon footprint. Working from home, walking and shopping locally are among the lockdown behaviours that look set to remain. We enjoy shopping from local businesses and being one ourselves this is something we are really getting on board with.

2) Slow down the pace

There’s no need to speed up and cram in a hectic schedule. This can have a negative effect on mental wellbeing. Our ethos is all about wanting you to feel fabulous everyday so we’re going to say ‘no’ more, opt for more self care and to live life at a slower pace so that we can enjoy every day and live in the moment much more.

3) Make wiser choices

We care about our planet and we also care about quality. We’re opting for a less is more approach, quantity over quality. We don’t want to see as much fashion end up in landfill and thus we want to adopt a capsule wardrobe of quality fashion and lingerie from reputable sources that will last for years to come. (Don’t forget we stock period knickers if you’re making more eco-friendly choices!)

4) Digital detox

Switching off more has been talked about a lot during the pandemic. We all know the negative effects of being on social media too much, mindless scrolling, or watching negative news channels all day. Less social and digital media is on the cards for us going forward – putting the phone down on an evening, switching off social media at weekends and spending more time on creative hobbies such as gardening, wreath making, cooking or even having a luxurious long bath with a good book. Life is better and happier with balance!

5) Appreciation

When you take a ‘less is more’ approach it allows us to appreciate so much more in life and to be aware of what’s around us. Whether that’s the nature we see on our daily walks, curating our wardrobes to really enjoy what we wear and cooking hearty meals from scratch to enjoy our food much more. We want you to appreciate your lingerie and yourselves much more too. 

When it comes to our lingerie, investing in a good-quality bra that fits right makes you feel amazing, versus a bra from the high street that doesn’t fit perfectly and makes you feel like you are settling for second best. And we want none of that!

When we get ready in the morning we are setting the tone and mood for the day ahead – and that starts with a brilliant bra or lingerie set that makes your clothes fit better, which in turn makes you feel confident, empowered and happy.

Remember, take things at your own pace, acknowledge any emotional energy you’re experiencing, talk to others and take each day at a time.

When you’re ready, shop local with us in Leigh-on-Sea or browse/shop on our website. Please get in touch for a complimentary fitting which we can do either in store or via virtual means.

Alma X

Image: Leah Kelley / Pexels

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