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Alma Brayley-Neale, founder of Coco-Boo, has joined forces with a number of local businesses and individuals to launch a new campaign, entitled “Love you and your tribe – a girlie weekender”.

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, where underwear advertising would traditionally be aimed at those looking for gift purchases, Alma believes lingerie should be about making you feel fabulous in your own skin, to feel comfortable on a daily basis, to promote body confidence no matter of age, size, shape or lifestyle stage.

The collaboration between the below businesses and individuals, comes from a shared passion of body positivity, inclusivity, friendship, women empowerment, self care and acceptance for all. Businesses involved in the collaboration:

Lingerie: Coco-Boo Lingerie (

Photographer and Jewellery: Black and Sigi (

Makeup: Mary O Connell (

Hair: Penny Sherwood

Stylist: Emma Togwell (

Marketing/PR: Camilla Bevington (

Models for the campaign are existing customers of Coco-Boo and were recruited through an email marketing campaign sent solely to Coco-Boo’s existing customer database. 

Supporting the local small business community is enhanced further in the campaign, with the photoshoot taking place locally, at The Roslin hotel, a beautiful establishment by the seaside.

The photographs from the campaign will be used by those involved, across a number of marketing channels, including print media advertising and editorial, social media, websites and blogs.

Alma Brayley-Neale, founder of Coco-Boo, says:

“At Coco-Boo we offer a variety of lingerie, loungewear and swimwear for everyone no matter of age, size or lifestyle. From everyday wear, special occasions, bridal, maternity/nursing and more recently we have started offering a post-surgery service. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a friendly, approachable and professional service. The right fitting bra is not only crucial for effective support but will boost your confidence and keep you feeling you. This is what our marketing campaign will portray.

And having actual customers of ours, real women, volunteering as the models makes this a very special and heartfelt project indeed, proving the messaging behind our campaign is so important to portray in our modern day society. Women want to feel confident, indulged and fabulous. Our bodies change during our lives as a woman, throughout hormonal and weight changes, having children, enduring surgery etc, and so I want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed during their experience at Coco-Boo and to wear lingerie that allows them to feel confident, have self belief and to support other women in the process.”

Clio Sigismondi, Photographer and Jewellery: Black and Sigi:

“This collaboration is an inspiring, fresh and fun campaign to be part of for the main reason  that we can capture everyone’s beauty inside out. Probably the most neglected of our wardrobes, underwear and loungewear gets a luxury slumber party treatment! Team it with Black and Sigi jewellery and you have the perfect happy team.”

Emma Togwell, Stylist:

“Wearing the right size and shape bra makes our clothes fit, look and feel better, and contributes to our overall confidence in our appearance and ourselves mentally. I’m so pleased to be a part of this campaign, women are amazing and deserve to be celebrated.”

Mary O Connell, Makeup:

“I’m so happy to be involved in helping women feel positive about themselves. Every woman deserves to feel fabulous in their lingerie. It’s amazing how a beautiful lingerie set can make you feel powerful. I love seeing women big each other up.”

Penny Sherwood, Hair:

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this inspirational campaign, for all groups of women supporting each other which is extremely important in life.”

Camilla Bevington, Marketing/PR:

To be in the company of some fantastic local businesses and inspiring individuals is a privilege. Having self belief and love for ourselves no matter of shape, size and stage of life is so important for our mental health and daily happiness. Becoming a new mother again recently has reminded me of the importance of wearing comfortable, well fitted bras to support my bust and my overall confidence during what can be a vulnerable time. It’s amazing how empowering it is to wear lingerie that fits well when getting dressed in the morning!”

Model quotes:

Siouxzy, 40:

“I’m Siouxzy, 40 year old single mum of two boys (15 & 8) with 2 cats. I’m not always as able bodied (back issues) as some, but that doesn’t stop me from working and doing physio to get as healthy as I can be. I’m an admin officer for a charity in Southend. I have a short bob with a fringe now but have chopped and changed my hair a lot recently. I wanted to be involved in this as my self confidence was never great and especially as I’ve had to walk with a stick at times, that we are all beautiful women and don’t need to be anyone but ourselves. I want young girls to be able to see real role models and not have to live up to some unrealistic ideal.”

Hayley, 41:

“I’m excited to be part of this campaign. I have struggled with self confidence over the years.  I’m a mum of two, 41, tall, ginger and curvy. However, I have embraced my forties and have found some inner peace to now feel comfortable in my skin.  I offered to take part as I have always struggled to find clothes, shoes, swimwear and underwear due to my proportions and skin tone. I wanted to help promote the shop as they helped me, providing affordable pretty underwear.”

Kerry, 47:

“I had cancer in 2018 which resulted in me having a new different body that I am still getting used to plus all the delightful symptoms from Menopause.”

Cressida, 33:

“I’m 33 and mum to two girls age 10 and 6. I’m an online influencer ( I’m petite, 5ft 3” and I love fashion but strip the clothes away and I have major body dysmorphia and ‘sexy’ issues. Committing to this shoot made me nervous, but excited about doing something out of my comfort zone.”

Louisa, 34:

“I am a photographer and I started blogging last year to build confidence and share styling tips with other plus size women. I love the concept of this shoot as I am still working on my own body positivity after gaining 2.5 stone so I am looking forward to being a part of this.”

Ana, 52:

“The Coco-Boo ‘Love You and Your Tribe’ was a celebration of everything that make us the women we are and the campaign took us places where we learned to look with fresh eyes at each internal and external part of us.

Putting on each of the gorgeous lingerie and loungewear outfits with their soft silkiness highlighting the beauty we knew we had and enhancing the beautiful parts of us, we ignored, blinded by clouds of self doubt. I felt awkward at first and kept of thinking of every area I did not want to show, but that disappeared once I tried my first outfit – a beautiful black “revolution” body that felt and looked as the name said – as a sexy revolution! And the feeling increased with each set I tried on, from brassieres to low cut and high cut underwear, swimwear and the most comfortable lounging set I’ve ever tried!

We were all different, and the Coco-Boo photoshoot was appreciating and celebrating that uniqueness. It connected us and Alma created a space where we shared stories, endless conversations, laughter, creativity and a re-birth of confidence that covered us throughout the day and beyond like an eternal glow.

Wearing lingerie from Coco-Boo means stepping above what is expected and writing your own story and in the process sharing good vibes and love with your tribe!”

Alma of Coco-Boo would like to thank all involved for making this shoot happen and for this campaign and important messaging come to life. Love yourself and each other this Valentine’s Day.

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