You are currently viewing New exclusive launch at Coco-Boo: Comfortable and Eco-Friendly Period Knickers

New exclusive launch at Coco-Boo: Comfortable and Eco-Friendly Period Knickers

Periods and sanitary protection are often hard to talk about. Some sanitary pads contain up to four plastic bags worth of plastic and they’re also an eco disaster on our beaches – we need to change our ways.

We are delighted to share with you that here at Coco-Boo we are the proud new stockists of a new feminine hygiene alternative that prevents the 5.6–6.4 kg of waste generated by each woman every year in period products that are not even satisfactory, as they continue to be uncomfortable, unhealthy and bad for the environment…

We are proud to announce that we are the UK’s exclusive stockist of Cocoro period pants. An eco-friendly solution contributing to a better world: sustainable, feminist and innovative. We’ve always been committed to the wellbeing of women and we’re now delighted to be able to contribute to the environment too.

Our new range of ‘period pants’ have been designed to be both breathable and reusable, which absorb period flow, vaginal discharge and light urine losses.

And to celebrate the launch, we have an introductory saving, valid until the end of February.

They’re also great reusable pants to replace those large, bulky and uncomfortable maternity pads just after having a baby.

Benefits include:

  • Incredibly absorbent
  • Clean and odourless
  • Pretty and comfortable
  • Breathable and anti-allergy
  • Reusable and eco-friendly

How does it work?

These period knickers combine different types of technical fabric to absorb and retain flow on the inside (the layer that is in contact with the body is made of organic cotton). The liquid evaporates with body heat. They can be used for hours and are machine washable. They use a combination of layers that provide two degrees of absorption whilst remaining very slim (1.5 and 2.5 mm). Cocoro period pants are made of certified materials: Oeko-Tex, BlueSign, GOTS and REACH and don’t contain any PUL (Polyurethane laminate – a type of plastic/rubber film laminated to fabric in a chemical heat process.)

Cocoro work with research centres, combining Fashion and Technology. Achieving reliable absorbency and retention, in a flexible wearable product is not easy and takes time to perfect the quality and results. They are also locally manufactured which further reduces the impact on the environment. 

Feel protected and comfortable, but also confident and in harmony with the nature of your body and without harming the planet. 

A versatile solution:

  • Can be used on their own, or as an extra protection, combined with other period products
  • Provide peace of mind those days we’re not sure if we’ll have our period.
  • Ideal for vaginal fluid (some women use a pad a day to manage vaginal fluid)
  • Can absorb minor urine losses
  • Can be used for any activity, including sports
  • Saves us from having to carry period products in your bag
  • Feel comfortable in those early days and weeks of having a baby without the need for large maternity pads
  • Help have a cleaner world: they’re an ideal substitute for sanitary pads, which take more than 200 years to disappear

Shop our range of period knickers here and contribute to a more sustainable living during your time of the month. We love our planet just as much as you do. 

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