Cocoro is a technical lingerie brand, committed to the well-being of women and the environment, which designs and produces in Barcelona.

They design, produce and distribute a range of menstrual pants, both breathable and reusable, which absorb period flow, vaginal discharge and light urine losses.

With this great product, they provide a feminist, technical and eco-friendly solution to a need that arises for 4 to 7 days each month for around 40 years in more than half the global population.

A new feminine hygiene alternative that prevents the 5.6–6.4 kg of waste generated by each woman every year in menstrual products that are not even satisfactory, as they continue to be uncomfortable, unhealthy and bad for the environment.

Cocoro menstrual pants are:
Incredibly absorbent
Clean and odorless
Pretty and comfortable
Breathable and anti-allergy
Reusable and eco-friendly


Cocoro menstrual pants combine different types of technical fabric to absorb and retain flow on the inside (the layer that is in contact with the body is made of organic cotton). The liquid evaporates with body heat. They can be used for hours and are machine washable.

We use a combination of layers that provide two degrees of absorption whilst remaining very slim (1.5 and 2.5 mm).