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Quality not quantity

As with everything in the fashion world, you can find certain items, trends pieces and more, ranging from the lowest of budgets right through until it breaks the bank for many of us. When it comes to quality, looks can certainly be deceiving and this is very much the case when it comes to our underwear. Bras can look pretty but the truth is many are badly designed and manufactured which can cause health problems as well as lack of support for our delicate busts.

With bras, the truth is you get what you pay for. An inexpensive bra will not have been made with care, nor will it comprise of long lasting and supportive fabrics and it will certainly not have had prototypes tried and test on a real woman.

Your bra drawer should consist of quality, not quantity…

Did you know a bra is the most complex article of clothing that exists? Consisting of around 45 parts (twice as many as a lower budget bra), every high quality bra made can take as long as one hour to create. Brands producing high volume for an inexpensive cost will likely be cutting corners and using lesser quality materials in order to be able to charge a cheap price to customers.

But why should you invest in one quality bra, rather than 3 cheaper bras for the same total price? Firstly, a quality bra will last a long time, far more many wash cycles than a bra that is badly made. Secondly, a decent bra will fit you in all the right places, support you where is needed and flatter you as well.

Lingerie is a luxury but more so a necessity. It’s no surprise, seeing that quality lingerie is created from beautiful fabrics, such as lace, silk and embroidery. Lingerie deserves to be beautiful and to make you feel fabulous, not just to be worn for practicality reasons.

You’ll find that many high-end lingerie brands are often handmade which adds to the level of the utmost care given and attention to detail to such an important item in our daily wardrobes. Shoulder straps are often hand-braided, bows are tied with hands and all stitching is done by hand too. Handmade patterns are often used to ensure the perfect fit. In a decent bra, you’ll even notice that the material supporting your hooks and eyes are softer, to maximise your comfort, it’s not just about support on the all important back band.

And let’s not forget the underwire. The quality of the iron and it’s coating are so important. Not only does the underwire create a flattering shape, but it gives us support and should never be a source of irritation or discomfort. You shouldn’t be able to feel your underwire, and if you do it’s time for a new bra and perhaps even a fitting appointment to check your bust and back measurements are in check. Cheaper bras will loosen and become out of shape over time, so an annual refresh of your bras (or a new bra every couple of months to spread the financial load) is certainly worth a consideration.

Lise Charmel, a luxury brand stocked at Coco-Coo are an industry leader for ‘Haute Couture’ lingerie. We asked them about their process in bra manufacturing…

“Lise Charmel have underwires for each individual cup size and have between 35 and 80 individual pieces in each bra.  Every bra in the range is finished by hand and takes hours of work to produce.  The hand finishes can be adding high quality Guipure, adding Swarovski crystals or lazer cut silk highlights. Whatever the exact finish is on a Lise Charmel product it is done with extreme attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.  Our factories have over 70 highly skilled workers who have undergone a minimum of 3 years apprenticeship to master all of the skills necessary to produce a Lise charmel bra. Lise Charmel produce their bras in their own factories.  All prints are unique to the brand and come from the pinnacle of the fashion industries trends.  The materials used in the bras are the best in their categories.  Lise Charmel have long standing relationships with their suppliers and work in close collaboration with them to produce exclusive designs and quality textiles.  The leavers laces used are all designed by Lise Charmel and produced in the Calais lace factories in France.  These laces are made in 5mtr widths and use more than 10,000 threads.   The designs are unique to Lise Charmel.  Other suppliers are our Swiss made Guipure, Italian embroideries and our silks that are selected from the best yarns and woven for us in China at a weight which allows us to have a perfect sheen, and if we wish transparency on our devoree silks and beautifully defined prints. All of our silks are embroidered with great care as they are very delicate and require special handling as to not damage the garment.”

Here at Coco-Boo, we handpick our designers and brands to ensure we cater for all women, for all stages of life and lifetsyle. Some of our brands are exclusive to us in Essex, and others are well regarded and renowned in the larger London boutiques and departments stores. We thrive on stocking pieces of quality, that promise durability and that make you feel and look the best version of you.

If you would like a no-obligation fitting appointment, visit our online booking tab to make your appointment. Or pop in to see us, Monday-Saturday 10:30am-5:30pm.

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