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The importance of a bra fitting

We are sure you have heard the statistic that over ‘80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra’,  this is certainly true and is quite possibly higher.  Not just the size but the shape of the bra is vitally important to ensure we get the correct support and the desired look and shape for our bust.  We quite often find ourselves fitting into different dress sizes depending on where we shop and this is also often the case with our lingerie.  Not all 34D’s are the same!

This is why we always advise trying on before you buy. This isn’t just to make sure you wear the correct size for support and health factors, but also a bra’s shape can be important for complete bra-wearing confidence – as all of our boobs come in different shapes too. For example, a Full Cup bra is great for shaping and supporting larger breasts and a Contour or Push-Up Bra for assistance with shaping for smaller breasts. There are at least 9 different breast shapes identified and so a certain style of bra will be more suitable to you than another, hence the importance of styling for shape.

Signs you may need a new bra or a different style bra:

  • Cup is too small (there is spillage over the cup)
  • Cup too big (the cup is gaping and there is a noticeable gap between the cup and breast)
  • If you move your arms up and down, does your bra move on your body?

Our breast size and shape can fluctuate – whether that’s during pregnancy or post natal, or due to weight loss, weight gain, surgery and certain medications as well as hormonal changes during our life as a woman.

Having a professional bra fitting at least once a year is recommended as this will ensure you are getting the best support and ultimate comfort. Also, our health can be impacted by not wearing the right bra. If you are not being fully supported in the long term, then it could lead to bad posture, back and neck pains (as well as sagging breasts).

And as a bonus, it’s important you feel comfortable in your bra and not have a burning need to whip it off at the end of the day due to discomfort.

Confidence in ourselves, our clothes and our bodies is important and becoming more and more spoken about. A good bra not only will provide longetivity (and thus better value for money), but it can define your waist, make you stand taller, make you feel empowered, and, pretty obvious to say, but your clothes will fit and look better too.

Here at Coco-Boo we believe every woman should feel fabulous in their under garments and our personable fitting services really boosts confidence and promotes a genuine “feel good factor”.

Book your fitting in today via the “Book A Fitting” tab via our homepage or by calling 01702 715115. Alternatively stop by and see us at 49 Rectory Grove, Leigh-on-Sea, Monday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm.


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