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You are worthy of love all year round

Self love, feeling supported, compassion, comfort, sustainable living…

These are all words we are hearing more of on a daily basis – on the news, in articles, from online influencers, our mentors etc. Whether it’s due to the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing impacts of the pandemic, or life and lifestyle changes (or a combination of it all), our priorities and needs naturally evolve and here at Coco-Boo we hear you, we feel you and we believe we relate and contribute to your overall wellbeing in ways that you might not have previously thought.

Being the month of love and Valentine’s, we wanted to share with you how we can feel love for ourselves, our loved ones and our planet, all year round.


Fact: Wearing the correct size bra can increase confidence. Improving your posture not only has physical benefits, it has a positive impact on our confidence too. As soon as you are wearing a great bra that fits you right, you are no longer distracted by it. You can enjoy your days feeling empowered for anything! 

When wearing the right size and style bra for you, it becomes a great foundation for your clothes, your clothes will fit and look better and you will instantly notice the impact this has on your posture and confidence. We can also move around more easily and you can devote all your attention to being fabulous!  

Our founder, Alma, continued to offer complimentary bra fittings, size checks and styling over Zoom during the lockdown restrictions. Book your free session via our website or email her directly at

Age is just a number

It really is. You don’t have to be a certain age or demographic to wear a good quality bra. You deserve comfort AND the joy of wearing beautiful things, all year round and no matter what stage of life you are in. Kym Vincenti, 58, proved so to us and you can read her words and see her amazing lingerie shoot photos here

Comfort is key

There is enough pain and emotional trauma around us in recent months, and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Not just with a good fitting bra, but we’re here for the pregnant women and nursing mothers too with our comfortable maternity bras, post-surgery bras for those that have been through any kind of bust surgery, sports bras for those continuing to stay active and also our beautiful range of loungewear for every day of the week. Let’s be honest, we’re ALL working from home in comfies and loungewear these days!

Silk as a fabric

Not only does silk feel fabulous on your skin, but silk has benefits too. Dermatologists and beauty experts have confirmed that opting for silk as a fabric choice for our pillowcases and eye masks can prevent fine wrinkles and improve hair quality. Studies show that friction from tossing and turning in bed and sleeping on our face causes creases in the skin and damage to our hair and the silky smooth surface of silk can reduce the effects in the long run. We wrote more about this on a recent blog post here, or shop our range of silk accessories here.

Love your planet a little bit more

We are delighted with the positive response we have so far received to our new range of period knickers, our eco-friendly solution contributing to a better world: sustainable and innovative. We’ve always been committed to the wellbeing of women and we’re now delighted to be able to contribute to the environment too. Our new range of ‘period pants’ have been designed to be both breathable and reusable, which absorb period flow, vaginal discharge and light urine losses. Periods and sanitary protection are often hard to talk about. Some sanitary pads contain up to four plastic bags worth of plastic and they’re also an eco disaster on our beaches – we need to change our ways.

Love you and your tribe

It seems apt to reminisce back to our amazing ‘Love You and Your Tribe‘ shoot last year. A campaign about friendship, self love and acceptance for each other. Having actual customers of ours, real women, volunteering as the models makes this a very special and heartfelt project indeed, proving the messaging behind our campaign is so important to portray in our modern day society. Women want to feel confident, indulged and fabulous. Our bodies change during our lives as a woman, throughout hormonal and weight changes, having children, enduring surgery etc, and so I want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed during their experience at Coco-Boo and to wear lingerie that allows them to feel confident, have self belief and to support other women in the process.

The collaboration between the below businesses and individuals, comes from a shared passion of body positivity, inclusivity, friendship, women empowerment, self care and acceptance for all.

Businesses involved in the collaboration:

Lingerie: Coco-Boo Lingerie (

Photographer and Jewellery: Black and Sigi (

Makeup: Mary O Connell (

Hair: Penny Sherwood (

Stylist: Emma Togwell (

Marketing/PR: Camilla Bevington (

If you want to treat yourself to a new bra, do it – you deserve it. If you’d like to purchase a voucher or gift for a loved one or someone in need, do it – they deserve it too. You are worthy of love all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day. Please get in touch if we can provide you with any advice or suggestions.

We are all in this together – family, friends, small businesses too. We continue to be incredibly grateful for the support and kindness our customers and followers continue to show us and we very much look forward to being able to safely open our Leigh-on-Sea boudoir in the near future.

Thank you for reading, if you have enjoyed this blog post please give it a little share on your social media.

Be kind to yourself always. 
Alma X

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