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My first Teen Bra fitting – all you need to know

As with other times of hormonal change and life stages such as pregnancy and menopause, our busts should not be ignored during our early-mid teenage years (or sooner for some).

Growing up and into our teens can be a daunting experience for many young women. Periods, unsettled skin, changing body shapes, growing breast tissue, senior-school transition and more can all be somewhat overwhelming.

As far as first bras go, we’re here to help. We fit many young women for their first bras here at Coco-Boo and there are many reasons to do so. Here we have answered some of your most asked questions…

When should I have my first bra fitting?

Most come to see us when they are around 12/13 years old, some younger and some older. As soon as breast tissue becomes apparent, this is when it’s advised to book your first appointment.

Why do you need to have a professional bra fitting at a young age?

It’s important to support your bust as soon as you develop breast tissue, no matter your bra size.  There are many long term health benefits to wearing supported and well-fitted bras for the rest of your adult life.

Wearing a correctly fitted bra not only protects your bust and back from a health perspective, but it helps to prevent ‘saggy’ tissue as your bust continues to grow which then adjusts during times of hormonal change (i.e. pregnancy).

Wearing a bra that has been fitted for you also makes you feel more confident and empowered on a daily basis. We want to you feel positive about body image and wearing the right bra shape and size for YOU is going to help you feel good about yourself every day.

Boobs are a fact of life and us women are all in this together! We are here to help you have a positive relationship with your bust and your body, and to take out the anxiety and stress of buying your first bras or attend fittings. Read here more about the importance of bra fittings.

Why should I shop for first bras at an independent bra fitter like Coco-Boo versus the high street and department stores?

Whilst the Department stores and high street brands have many benefits, we offer personalised and professional advice from skilled and highly qualified fitters. Department stores and high street brands can be overwhelming with choice as well as lacking privacy and personal service.

We hand pick brands and lines that offer the very best in terms of durability and quality, meaning your bras will last a lot longer (so long as you care for them on a 30 degree wash not 90 degree!).

Further more, we close the entire shop for you so that you can enjoy your appointment with us in private, and with utmost confidentiality and confidence. You are of course welcome to bring a parent, relative or friend with you to your appointment for further support. 

We make your experience fun. We have look books for you to browse, we have lots of choice of colours and styles and we want you leaving us feeling great.

What kind of bras are “first bras” at Coco-Boo?

We offer a variety, including our sport bras which are non wired and provide premium comfort (also great for PE classes and sports in general), but we do have wired and non wired options for you which we will advise at your appointment. The perfect bra for you will depend on many factors including bust and back size, bust shape and more.

How often should I have a fitting?

During our teenage years our bodies can be unsettled! For example, it is completely normal to have one boob bigger than the other at times! Your bust and body shape is evolving and we do advise one refit every year, unless you notice significant changes to your bust or body shape and size sooner. Once your bust has settled in your late teens to early twenties, we would still recommend an annual bra size check up.

How much is a bra fitting going to cost me?

We don’t charge for our fittings here at Coco-Boo. You just pay for the bras you want to purchase and there is no obligation to buy.

What if I have any questions?

Please get in touch with our founder Alma, by emailing who will treat your enquiry with the utmost confidence and sensitivity. 

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by visiting the homepage on our website or by emailing us at You’re also welcome to call the shop on 01702 715115 during opening hours.

Photos by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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